What's your latest project, outside of Minecraft (programming)?

Thought it would be cool to see what interesting things that others are building. I’ve currently embarked on a few projects of my own, outside of the limited realm of Minecraft.

Screenshots are cool: post them if you have any;
Looking forward to what you guys are willing to share :smiley:

I’m working on a clone of one of my favorite games of all-time, Suikoden.

It’s slow going, and I suck at animating. But I’m enjoying the project.

I’m building a website for my podcast that will (hopefully) get off the ground.

I’m fiddeling around with making a CI server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been contemplating a Jenkins Plugin that associates PRs with other PRs as dependencies to automate testing and compiling for PRs of larger projects (Examples can be Bukkit and CraftBukkit PRs can be automatically built without handlers having to set up a job or deal with multiple alternate repositories for specific cartifacts.)

There are some plugins that do this to some extent, but none that I am happy about using.

There’s something outside Minecraft???


What is this ‘outside’ of which you speak?


I’m making a platformer using html5


that looks cool :open_mouth:


That looks fun could I play it or test it for you @NoidEXE ?

Yeah of course. You can play it here http://lisandrolorea.com.ar/games.html#pichon

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Thank you very much sir, I look forward to beating it.

EDIT: I looked forward to beating it now I have thank you for the game.

Might I make a suggestion @NoidEXE is it possible that you would add checkpoint flags or something I know that there are checkpoints but you can’t tell when you get one just a suggestion. :smiley:

EDIT: Oops sorry I think the gems are checkpoints, sorry about that.

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Niiice :smiley: Game beat xD

I’m planning my doctoral research, and such. Studying PRNG’s, you can view here.

Huh someone who had the same profile picture as my old one.

Anyways, I’m just, you know, creating stuff then hating it and deleting it…

Really! I saw your icon so picked this to not be the same and yet still have an sponge lol :wink:

Big thing I’ve been working on which is actually really quite small is my own personal website. I’ve only spent an hour or two thus far, but the landing page looks like this thus far:


DUDE @Herogx that looks AWESOME!!!

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That looks pretty good, I don’t like black lines background but that’s just me. Also I recommend looking heavily into CSS. It doesn’t seem like you’ve really taken advantage of it. I would also recommend if your doing a darker site that you do a custom scroll bar to blend in with your site, as that’s the one thing I don’t see done, and I personally find very nice.