When can i get my home server sponge

I’m sorry for my bad english because i am french.
Hello guys , i have a bukkit server 1.7.9 but this version has some bugs and i want switch to sponge 1.8 because for me there is not good version 1.8 with plugins…The sponge is so interresting for me.
Can you tell me the date of release.
You can answer me in french if you want :wink:

Read the FAQ

#Where Can I Download Sponge?

The Sponge coremod is not ready yet, and no download is available. The Sponge API, however, was released on November 30, 2014.

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Welcome to the forums :smile:

There is currently no release (date) for the implementation, but the API is released.
For more information you should read the FAQ or take a peak at our excellent documentation. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

~ TBot

EDIT: @WetSponge, y u so ninja?


C’est vrai, mais tu peux utiliser Granite. Bien que Granite ne peut pas faire les choses de client comme Sponge mais tous que CraftBukkit fait, c’est pour le meme type de plugins de server comme Sponge. Alors, tu pouvait telecharger Granite ici, mais malheureusement, il y a des restructurations maintenant est je ne sais pas quand il y a encore des downloads :confused: Excuse-moi pour mon mauvais francais :S

Fist de tous, bienvenue sur les forums de éponge! Gardez à l’esprit que SpongeApi que pas encore été publié, alors restez branchés que le téléchargement sera bientôt sortir.

Traduit avec Google Translate

You should never use Google Translate, even for basic things. It has been known to be very unreliable.


My dad is working in Spain (he’s not Spanish) and he uses Google Translate everywhere. Hopefully @ARxMcrb can make out my general message :wink: .

Oh, and btw, the project is called Sponge, not éponge :wink:

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