When is it out?

Hi i was wondering when sponge is out, How much do you guys have to do code is it much or are you almost done?

I think it’s going to be a little while, and it’s probably too early to be giving any estimates.

ok thx @Kippers

Would love to get an estimate myself :wink: But gotta be realistic, the project has only existed for a few days :slight_smile:

@Kippers ik but i cant just wait until its out!!

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@IsS127 you can find the code here: SpongePowered · GitHub.

And from my view: The API seems to make good progress, The Implementation seems to halt (or they are working on a private repo).

It’s moving at exceptional speed and with the magnitude of community support and help it should be done within the next few months. For now my server is stuck on 1.7.2 and once it gets released I’ll be updating if possible for my server’s needs.

Very likely waiting for Forge 1.8. Then the team will probably examine how the new MC version does things and start the implementing API.


@Cal use vanilla 1.8 i use it now then when sponge comes out illl update and with 1.8 vanilla you can make warps minigames with command blocks :wink: