When The Minecraft API Comes Out

When The Minecraft API Comes Out, Will Everyone Just Switch To Vanilla, And Leave Sponge, Spigot, Bukkit, etc???

There will always be things that Minecraft API will not work for/with, and that’s where those other names come in. :)

Ok, but what may the Minecraft API not be able to accomplish?

Who knows? I’ll let you know as son as it comes out and I have a play with it.

Although consiering how long it took 1.8 to come out, and when they announced MCAPI, I doubt it’ll be any time soon.

It’s not what it’s not able to accomplish, it’s simply about what they don’t implement. As being on the root of the development, Mojang is able to create a (technically) far better API than we as the community ever could, because they just know their code better.
But hte big question is if they listen to what the community wants. If they don’t implement a certain feature that the community wants, then that will be a place for community APIs to go, although those will most likely not be a standalone API but rather an extension for the official API.
Sponge is already planned to be built for the Mojang Mod API once that is out.

Sponge will be built on top of the MC API if it is ever released.
That’s according to the FAQ

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I really don’t have high hopes for a Minecraft API because as long as both sponge and bukkit exist there is no reason for developers to try to juggle yet another standard. I see in the near future that many people will be running sponge and there will be a huge amount of plugins ported as soon as both the Server and the API are complete. There will also be many people who will stick to spigot because it is what they are used to with the bukkit API. Also other projects such as glowstone will help solve some of the legal problems with both of these projects. I see no reason for anyone to move to the Minecraft API for any other purpose than that it is the official API

When official MC api come out, cleanroom much better than using it.

Id stick with Sponge and ect. Mojang wouldn’t be able to satisfy the needs of all users but with sponge it could supplement a lot of people needs and wants.

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