Where will the plugins go for SpongeVanilla

will it go on a plugins folder

They will go in a ./mods/ directory

Shouldn’t they belong in a ./plugins/ directory though? They are Sponge plugins after all.

Consistency with the Forge implementation mandates putting it in ./mods/. Anything else would cause confusion.

So are they Sponge mods now?


There wouldn’t really be any confusing. Everything, mods and plugins alike, go into the mods folder.

Forge will not load Sponge plugins, because they don’t have the proper @Mod annotation, only Sponge will. Why split them up?

To avoid this exact confusion. People are used to a plugins folder from Bukkit, but people forge sided are used to a mods folder, you can’t win.

May as well make it consistent across both platforms.

Also for anyone reading this when the docs are updated: https://docs.spongepowered.org/en/server/management/plugins.html#spongevanilla

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Possibly dumb idea, but could you try load sponge plugins from both folders so as to reduce confusion with migration from both sides?


I think that would make even more confusion because everyone would ask: “What’s the difference between plugins and mods?”

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And then you tell them, they say “oh”, and then everything is fine anyway.


So, then Sponge should create a plugins and a mods folder?

No, just a mods folder. However according to my idea sponge would try to load off plugins folder, if exists.

Uniformity is key and therefore it remains mods to go along with its sister project, Sponge.

Or plugins could be loaded from a “plugins” folder in the mods folder.

Not happening, it will always be just in the mods folder.

People need to stop complicating this.

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