Who are your favourite youtubers?

list you favourite youtubers

I like sfxworks for his great content and amazing replays. :grinning:…notice.me :sob:

Senpai please

frankieonpcin1080p tends to be my favorite these days, however there are a few standouts within the SFM community

Jk, ceciley is my favorite

  • Scott manley

  • Robbaz

  • DANNY!!! (old channel I rewatch when I feel sad, rly cheers you up :smile: )
    And yeah I don’t like to watch minecraft let’s play vids. But I did followed ssundee for a while.

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Direwolf20 (It’s only cause I like modded vids(also cause I don’t have good pc))

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Gronkh and Sarazar anyone?
(both german).

thebennybox: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebennybox

Oh dear I cant believe I forgot about those three!

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Probably MumboJumbo since I am a hermit IRL.

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