Who out there has ever made music in the past?

Just a general question, but I myself used to make music on a very old channel several years ago. It wasn’t very good but I did enjoy myself. So anyways, who out there has made any music in the past?

Made it. But nothing more… Didn’t publish it on teh interwebz

I keep composing/playing heaps of stuff on guitar and bass, but still getting to grips with recording properly. I haven’t quite mastered the DAW I’m using yet. Performing music is fun, but managing the technical aspects takes me out of the right headspace.

What DAW do you use? I used FL Studio

Sonar X3. It’s a behemoth. Some of the soft synths in the package are stunning, like Z3TA+ 2.

Nice, have you uploaded any songs?

Nothing yet, no. As I say, I’m still getting the hang of recording/mixing, so nothing worth listening to yet. It’s a hobby.

Ok then, what genre’s are you making?

Tricky to answer. Somewhere between psychedelic jazz and electronic rock, with overtones of metal. Prog Rock - New Age - Classical Guitar - Ambient Noise. Drums flummox me, however.
Maybe I can get something together by Xmas, if the kids give me a break :tired_face:

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Im’a just leave this here…

A few originals, but mostly OST arranging. :slight_smile: Not many finished, as I can never concentrate enough, and there is always new music to be written. (I also have more than are public, but copyright has bitten me in the butt multiple times and I had to pull them down.)

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I used to have fun producing EDM/House/Trance as a hobby, back before the advent of dubstep and the era where every man-woman-and child knew how to play with an arranger and thought they could make music.

This is the only track I have online. Currently Untitled - YouTube