Why Sponge won't take Bukkit code

Hello Community,
there are lots of people asking for Sponge to take parts of the BukkitAPI and either improve/extend/keep it.
The reason why Sponge was founded is because there were licensing problems with Bukkit. Taking code over the way it is is a) licensing-wise and b) coding-wise a problem.


Taking Bukkit as inspiration is no problem and I think that’s what the Sponge devs do. But you’re right: It is too risky to copy code from Bukkit.

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@Morph Of course they can use it for inspiration, I didn’t say they couldn’t :wink:

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Hopefully more people see this. Copying code != to modeling a previous API. Well, I am not a lawyer, but it’s not like Sponge will be drastically different in terms of what plugins can do. They just won’t be created in the same way.

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Yep. I was surprised they didn’t until I actually learned about the specifics of licensing… but I understand now!

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Please read the faq (Why not use Bukkit’s API?):

Ps.: Sponge is under MIT license.

My post was a statement on why Sponge won’t take Bukkit code, not a question.

Sponge can actually take Bukkit API code, it just can’t take anything from the craftbukkit implementation which is what was affected by both the DCMA and the licensing issues. The API itself is still safe and is licensed under a valid GPL license which is compatible with the MIT license of Sponge

However, they won’t.

My point is that its not legal reason they won’t take bukkit code. Sponge is aiming for what is basically a rewrite of what bukkit aimed to achieve, using bukkit code wouldn’t be good because they really don’t want to deal with any of the core problems that bukkit had but were never able to be fixed. They are rewriting the platform keeping in mind all the issues that bukkit had.

@Robodude That’s what I mean by coding-wise.
Well, it’s not really a problem, but I guess you get what I mean.

This thread is not the most informative one, but it might be enough to keep away people asking for Sponge to use Bukkit code.

To make it more clear: Sponge will have an API similar to Bukkit (but it’s NOT Bukkit), Sponge is a Forge mod, Sponge is better than Bukkit.