Will Old Bukkit Worlds be able to be used with Sponge

Hello, and forgive me if this has been addressed,

The Server I play on has been using Bukkit for 2 years, and our members have been investing a lot of time and energy into this server,

My question is once there is a working build up and ready,
will my server owner have to start a new seed, or can he use the old world with the new sponge plugs ins,

a Lot of us really are confused about the behind the scenes stuff with how a server works, and are really worried about our 2 years of hard work going up in flames…

thanks in advance.

2 years? Do you guys never start over? :smile:

Check out page 5 here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VJ1WzHI-VUuoHEJz4SRHUbl-5XnsURbqP5fIi8B4Kyg, it answers the question “Will I be able to keep my Bukkit worlds and data?”.


Thanks the Info was helpful!

And yes never restarted.

My little piece of haven, each block gathered by hand on a Vanilla server

Started the server with 1.4 and now stuck in 1.7,
if we have to start over we will, but if we can at least save the world that will be better…
but to be honest, its been hard to find a straight answer, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been given, it’s just hard to find…
and atm people are not playing on the 1.7 server for fear of wasting there time and energy if we need a reset,
and we are afraid to start a new world for fear we might have to reset that world…

Thanks for every ones help on the matter and with the New API

Legit question. Maps are maps and usually work fine when it comes to version updates. The only thing to really worry about are the mods and plugins used to run it, as those might change (and depending on the change may affect aspects of your world).

It never hurts to make an extra copy of your world, just in case something goes wrong.

Unless said server used mods that alter the world generation, everything should be fine.

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Your server looks beautiful - I can understand why you don’t want to lose that :smiley:

But maps should be fine, because it uses the original Minecraft map data type. As @Tay said, as long as you don’t use mods - it’ll be fine, unless the mod is made Sponge compatible - to my understanding at least.



i think you can put the world into sponge beacuse its like a normal singleplayer world so it should work!

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The only issue I see is if you have world guard protecting certain buildings that need fire-spread protection. Idk if any other server owners have done the mistake of updating a server without updating world guard and shit catches fire(thank god for a backup)


In case anyone else is here looking for an answer, this is the quoted text from the Google Doc above:

Will I be able to keep my Bukkit worlds and data?
The plan is to create a conversion process which will convert or import as much data as possible.

Plugins will likely create their own conversion process allowing you to keep homes, warps and other data.


That has happened once or twice on my server before over the part 3 years of running it. But I only use the global protection in it for lava fires not normal fires, so I usually don’t have much of a problem with it in updates.

The server I am admin on has had the same map since Alpha, even before Bukkit was released (but we have added more maps, but it stays the most popular map).
We’re soon closing it down though to create a new server.