Will Sponge support nio / nio2?

It could be nice if sponge can support nio2 !
Exemple: Use this:

public Path configDir;

Instead of this:

public File configDir;

Or why not support io (File) and nio (Path) ?

Sorry for my bad english. I am french

What would be the advantages of supporting nio2? Also, afaik the initial plan was backwards compatibility to the version minecraft is on. That would be Java 6. Nio2 was introduced in Java 7.

It’s not easily possible because we compile with JDK6 and therefore can’t reference Path in the Sponge code. We would either need a lot of reflection or a different hack (as well as still making it work on JDK6) to make that work. As long Sponge is still using JDK6 this will probably not be easily possible.

However, there is nothing preventing you from easily converting File -> Path using toPath(), for example:

public class MyPlugin {

    public Path configDir;

    public MyPlugin(File configDir) {
        this.configDir = configDir.toPath();


I saw SpongeAPI will support Java8, so I can ask again, Will Sponge support nio2 ? (natively) =3

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Yes; most likely as soon the implementations will be updated for the Java 8 changes. I see nothing speaking against supporting this.


Added in https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeCommon/commit/17097fd95ac8239fbcf1d97b0a223d6c61ad84e0

I saw that ^^ thank