Will Sponge's syntax (if I can call it that) be similar to Bukkit's?

I know it’s got to be different due to the DMCA and stuff, and Sponge isn’t exactly an updated version of Bukkit, but will the syntax (can I call it that?) be similar to that of Bukkit?

I’m watching some videos on creating bukkit plugins, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

They have quite some differences. If I was you I wouldn’t go and learn Bukkit’s API if you’re not going to code for Bukkit. Do you know the Java basics?

Yeah, read an O’Reilly book on it before.

Yeah, get really familiar with Java and learning sponge shouldn’t be that hard. It wil probably be more difficult for old bukkit developers like me who will probably write a piece of code the “bukkit way” 5 million times before getting used to the API :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as you aren’t the type that copies from tutorials verbatim (trust me, I’ve seen the same exact code in so many completely different plugins, copied from tutorials) and you know a little bit of Java, you’ll be fine. The great thing about APIs? A lot of the hard work is done for you.


Good thing, btw apparently vault is being implemented directly into sponge… The maker of sponge plugin (library) will be on every sponge server…
The maker of vault must be happy but sad because he will need to find something else to develop.

How is it? I don’t think it gets implemented into Sponge.
Any sources?