Will the server console be the same as bukkit?

How will setting up the erver look like will we have to but in a code like sponge

Setting up the server will be like installing a mod on top of forge when sponge is officially released. (since the initial implementation will be on forge) Other sponge implementations like granite and glowstone will vary in how they are set up but I’m guessing they might be set up closer to the way bukkit had it. Don’t take my word as fact though.

There will not only be the Sponge implementation like everyone seems to think. I will have to talk to @Owexz to make it clear that Sponge will not be the only implementation.

But essentially it depends on who has made the implementation and also what they choose to add/remove.


If anyone wants to implement our API, it is perfectly permissible for them to do so, however it will be unofficial unless the Sponge team decides otherwise. Aside from using our API, these implementations may vary in whatever way they choose to do so.

I’d like to point, tentatively, to the Sponge Docs.

Keep in mind that the instructions shown here may be subject to change as work on the Forge implementation continues, however I don’t think it will change very much :slight_smile: