[WIP] Red Light/Green Light - Minigame

:vertical_traffic_light:Red Light - Green Light

This is an idea I got from one of my friends still doing this bukkit thing. Basically if anyone has ever played this game in real life it is essentially the same thing but with a little twist, and for anyone who doesn’t know what the game is or exactly how it goes, I will explain it below.

How it works

The game is very easy to play. When the notifier says green light, you go; when it says red light you stop. The first one to the end wins and anyone still going when it says red light is out.



  • Bumper - Can use his/her axe and throw it at another player. Once it hits someone, they get thrown back three blocks. (May make that configurable)
  • Speeder - Can right click their powerup item, still figuring that out, and get speed 2 for two seconds and after they get a cooldown of slowness 1 for 1 sec and a cooldown for using it again or 15 seconds.
  • Neo - Has passive ability to increase the time he has to stop. So he/she has more time to stop when the light is red.

##Other Things

  • Might add in game econ or ways to make kits cost money.
  • Winning rewards.
  • Scoreboard system which dynamically displays who is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • Any other ideas are welcome.

/rlgl add - Adds arena with current world edit selection. or may use player positions to set arenas
/rlgl del - Delete specified arena with confirmation message.
/rlgl setStart - Sets a start positions for each player in a specific arena.
/rlgl setEnd - Sets finish line where players have to cross in order to finish in a specific arena
/rlgl start - Force start races.
/rlgl end - Force kick players from a race back to specified position.
/rlgl join - Join a game
/rlgl leave - Leave a game

  • Might make games joinable through signs.


  • rlgl.join - Join arenas and participate in races.
  • rlgl.admin.create - Allow creation of areans
  • rlgl.admin.del - Allow deletion of arenas
  • rlgl.admin.start - Force start games
  • rlgl.admin.end - Force kick players from a game

:open_file_folder:Source - Github
Travis-CI Build - travis-ci

Just a concept, in very early development and hopefully can get some sort of alpha before New Years. :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks like a great plugin! Maybe you could add an API at some point, so other plugins could add their own kits.

Scoreboard system which dynamically displays who is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

People are actually using scoreboards now :slight_smile:

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