Workaround for players to be able to connect to clientsided servers on unmodified client?

Hi there everyone. I’m curious could sponge server be edited so servers with forge clientside required mods make it so vanilla client could connect by converting custom blocks to already existing like dirt or stone or different colored modded wood texture changed to vanilla wood or iron ore with particles(like different colored particles could indicate modded ore) so players would know that those blocks are modded, converting mob models and textures to vanilla mobs with colored armor(For example converting battletower golem to zombie with axe and red armor (red armor color could symbolize high hp and axe could be servers admin made so players would know that its a boss enemy ),converting items to blank textures or any of vanilla textures.And by giving an option on login to choose to play in Vanilla client or modded(by changing how data is sent) and by optionally letting client ignore missing forge mods list.Could such things be made or there would be problems?

If anybody is willing to do the work, sure. That could work.
But it would be very limited and not really a viable alrternative to installing mods.
Also, instead of using serverside mods then, it would be way easier to create plugins that replicate the functionality using only vanilla assets.

That unfortunately won’t work with new items or blocks.

I’m unsure wether one should use a forge or sponge mod to allow vanilla clients to join on a forge server.

You could diguise te’s and blocks as vanilla te’s and blocks and do some protocol hackery, it’s certainly possible, but hardly feasible and it’s usefulness is questionable at best.

I wouldn’t mind something like this, but I doubt it will be worth it for the amount of work that will be needed. Also to point out what @Tzk said, whether it should be a sponge or forge mod is a question in itself.

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Exactly my thoughts.

It probably would be easier to setup 2 servers (one unmodded, one modded) and create a bridge between them. The unmodded one would be the entry server open for everyone and provide a gate to the modded one.


But I think there is no method to get the type of the client(forge or not forge) or to get the installed mods(and their version).

forge can probably tell

Yes there is. Forge sends information on handshaking with the server that indicates that forge is installed and which mods are installed.

This would be more of a BungeeCord plugin… Just check if the client mod list exists and send them to the modded server. If not send to normal server.