WorldBorder Features?

So i’ve seen a thread where people ask about Worldguard port to SpongeForge and the replies were pretty much along the lines of “MC 1.8 already has it implemented” thats untrue, only the actuall BORDER is in it, while other features just simply aren’t there (unless im doing something wrong).

My question is, i found the fill command rather usefull, it would render all the chuncks inside the border which was very convinient for what i want to do, is there any plugin atm that does this?

ProjectWorlds has a fill command but it generates chunks from center spawn outward.

Thx i’ll check it out, i can always change the spawn anyways no?

Yes you can set the spawn point with the setspawn command

Then i’ll just make the border center my spawn and fill from there :grin:
Thx for the help!

So I guess I can add in something here too. Kind of recently I talked to the owner of a server I’m an admin on about switching out the world border. From what I remember we mostly used two things. One is the ability to purge terrain outside the border. The other feature that we use even more is to have a circular or ellipsoid border.

Yeh purging is usefull too since i got a fresh world so i wont have anything of the border prolly so i kinda forgot about that one.
Taking from what u said, i guess vanilla mc border is not circular?

I believe circular borders are available in the Sponge API. A border plugin just needs to implement it. I thought about creating a world border plugin but with all the other projects I already have I decided against it