Worldguard for Sponge or Forge?



I search a protect plugin for Sponge or for Forge.

I 've read that it is intended to give worldguard for Sponge , but have not found a world guard what is running on my server Sponge.

Does anyone know where I like Worldguard get worldguard or something with the same functions?


Worldguard for sponge is still in the works, there's no release yet.

However you can try core, it has basic zones support. Maybe essentialcmds can do this too, i'm unsure on that one though.



Nope, I instead put protection into Polis :wink:

WorldGuard is being ported:


Foxguard I had , but I did not understand how I can mobs off in a region .

Could you writing me the command for it?


Currently there is not a way to disable mob spawns using FoxGuard.

Feel free to make an issue at


There is now a way to disable mob spawns:

Download the latest version of the plugin Here and make a new flagset like so:

/foxguard create flagset <flagsetname> passive

If you want to disable hostile mob spawns:

/foxguard modify flagset <flagsetname> set spawnmobhostile false

Likewise for passive mobs:

/foxguard modify flagset <flagsetname> set spawnmobpassive false

Then go ahead and link your spawn region with this new region.

/foxguard link <spawnregionname> <flagsetname>

or if you want to disable it globally:

/foxguard link _global <flagsetname>

Note that these are passive flags, and it won't stop players from using spawn eggs or chicken eggs.
However Simple FlagSets block user caused events instead, and can be used to block spawn eggs.

Use the two together if you want to block both.

EDIT: VERSION 0.9 AND LATER CALL FLAGSETS "HANDLERS" NOW. Anywhere you see flagset just replace it with handler and it will work the same as before.



Any updates on this?


I would also recommend foxguard


take a look on this:


Going to also recommend FoxGuard. It's a really nice, flexible, and powerful "world guard" type plugin. Plus, gravityfox is pretty cool :wolf:


I cant figure out this stem to protect spawn from mobs and making players in it emortal