Wow this actually works

Took me some time to get this going… .

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I have the feeling this requires some more explanation xD.
This is a 1.4.7 mcpc server that uses bukkit 1.7.9 as plugin loader.

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I’m curious - more than anything else - why?

UUID’s :frowning:. Everything lower than 1.6.4 doesn’t has UUID is the bukkit API.
I needed to patch this, or close my server…

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I more meant, ‘why 1.4.7?’

Wow great! :hushed:

Oh, Tekkit Lite is a old mod-pack. You can’t believe how many players are still playing it. But yeah we just refuse to migrate to another modpack. I mean their are only 6 succesfull tekkit lite servers left. It should be a shame if they disappeared.

Wow, cool Good job at making the bukkit API work on a version so long ago.