Your favourite java web frontend framework

I’m starting a new project (web app based on spring) and i can’t decide which frontend framework should i use. Basically i have experiences with jsp (its pretty old), angular js (i did not like it), jsf (its also old but nice, primefaces are another big plus). I heard vaadin is very easy and fast for development, its similar to swing, but i’ve never work with it.

I guess there are many java developers, so we can hopefully have a decent discussion.
What is your favourite framework, what are its pros and cons?

ExtJS is my favorite. It’s a bit hard to get into but it’s really powerful. I’m not entirely sure if it’s very accessible to non-commercial developers though.

+1 for Angular

Never used any of the other ones, but I have been very impressed overall with Angular and have had minimal issues with it. There is also tons of support for it (docs, StackOverflow)

Angular is interesting indeed, but javascript is terrible language, personally im trying to avoid js as much as possibe.

Well, for frontend work you’ll never get around it completely… Java can only be backend (sure, it can generate fronted code…).

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For a web frontend framework, Ths is pretty much impossible, if not it will hurt performance so much.

The web is made in Javascript. If you don’t like it you could use Coffeescript.

That said, I prefer Ember.JS over Angular, mainly because of ember data, handlebars and routing.

That IS Javascript. It’s just the specification name.

Derp. Edited. is best java frontend web framework, also web scale™

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Nodejs is fast… If your among for performance

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nodejs is not a framework

Nor does it have anything to do with Java lol

I thought node was in javascript?

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Did you mean to reply to me? Because, if you did, Javascript shares literally nothing with Java, besides, partially, the name.

nope. :smiley: <dhdxrbgte4dgb5sy4we

It can run js scripts, I have my server is neing runned by nodejs.

It’s like a javascript console as a server.

I don’t think you understand that Java is not Javascript.

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nodejs is platform which allows you to execute js scripts on server side. it has nothing to do with java nor frontend frameworks.

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