YourCustomPaintings - Upload your own custom paintings to minecraft server!


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A new version has been released for YourCustomPaintings, it is available for download here.

See intermediate snapshot versions for changelog



How does one remove paintings from the list of uploaded paintings? My list is getting cluttered, and I’d like to remove some, but I can’t figure out how.


Please add config option to change tool for image placing, because stick isn’t working if GP plugin is installed


Getting some issues that don’t allow me to use your plugin. Everytime I run the uploadpainting command I get an error similar to this.

I’m not sure if this is something wrong with my server environment, the version I downloaded or if there’s some kind of service outage in your backend.


@dp0226 Try running java in awt headless mode.

or if there’s some kind of service outage in your backend.

There can’t be service outage, because this plugin doesn’t use any web-services, it just download images directly.