ZeldaWorld Version 5.4.0 & ZeldaWorld Version ASM Under Construction!

Hello my name is Mitchell M. Braaten!

I’m glad to announce that my plugin is almost done reaching it’s full development stage! I’ve been working around the clock with other developer friends to make this plugin, along with it’s add-on called “Extras.”

What is ZeldaWorld?

ZeldaWorld is a plugin I made for my server and have been thinking about revealing to the world around. I’m not sure though, I might release a plugin with some things that would help. Anyway, it’s based off of the zelda franchise and works as an MMO. There’s a Dungeon element in this plugin that allows you to get dungeon points to use for spells and your magica. If you have a dungeon that you want to use over and over again, don’t worry. It uses coordinates to store as your points. There’s also a PvP points element to this plugin as well. When you kill a player, it gives you a point according to how much points they have to their name. This element will also be used for getting spells and restoring your magica. As you can see, there are a lot of MMO elements to this plugin like power, wisdom, and courage. These three represent on how much you build, destroy, and craft thing. Every time you destroy something, you gain a power level. Every time you place something, in instance, making a house. Every 2 or 3 blocks you place, you get a power element. You get courage elements by killing mobs, and other players, you get wisdom elements, when you craft something in a crafting bench or in your inventory. You can also gain the Master Sword and Hero’s bow in this plugin. And yes, you can use this in multiple worlds. You use signs to get the Master Sword and Hero’s Bow. This plugin is currently used for my server seeing as my server is extremely Zelda based. It has about 4 different Zelda worlds. All of witch will be used to start a quest.

The last two things you see is the “battles won” and “battles lost” points. That’s there for a win/lose ratio. I will be implementing code for you to see someone else’s stats. The command will be /zw stats (player name). That’s so a player can see how good you are at certain things.

About 25% of this plugin is finished, but we are making A LOT of progress. If you’re interested in helping, I don’t mind a PM. I will warn though, I will not be releasing this out into the open until I see what I want out of it. Because, this plugin was originally made for my server.

Comment down below on what you would like to see added to this plugin. And please, make it some what Zelda related.