『zThana - CLOSED』 Developer


Please keep in mind that I do not accept requests which requires any kind of connection! (Database / MySQL, Bungee, etc)

Hey, I’m zThana. I’m a young developer who has been working on Minecraft projects for around 6 to 7 years now. I am trying to expand my knowledge, so I would like to make the community of Sponge / Pixelmon some plugins. I am mainly interesting in Pixelmon-related projects, but ask away ^^

Public Experience
I haven’t made much Sponge-related yet, besides a few Pixelmon features, all private though.
I’ve made a greatly configurable trainer-levels system however!

Regarding development in general, I’m pretty well-known on Spigot as a developer.
This is a fairly popular plugin most RPG-servers use
This is a premium plugin I released on Spigot as well
This is my Spigot profile

I’ve done a lot of development for individuals. My services thread from Spigot can be found here

I charge per plugin. I prefer discussing the rates individually.


  • You may NOT (re-)sell this plugin
    * (Nor will I re-sell the plugin)
  • You may NOT take credits
  • Refunds will be denied if not discussed and accepted by me forehand
  • No refunds are made after the plugin is completed.
  • If you want me to work with any external libraries and API’s (other than Pixelmon), there’ll be an additional payment needed. Depending on the complexity and flexibility of the API, the price will change respectively
  • An easily accessible API, including events, for the plugin won’t be free - I’ll quote you depending on the complexity
  • If you think I didn’t develop what you asked for that’s completely down to your plugin specification
  • You pay 50% (or more) forehand. Development will begin once received
  • I guarantee you great communication and an efficient service

This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


Im interested in your work! Please messsge me on discord KyleCG#5034 so we can discuss further


I sent a request, cya on Discord ^^


Not “allowing” other developers to maintain your commissions (without permission) is not really something we appreciate, or respect here in the Sponge community, just so you know.
For one, I don’t know that many people who will care if the previous commissioner of the code has that policy, or even care who wrote the previous code, so your policy is effectively useless as I don’t know how you expect to enforce that. You can’t monopolize and force people to deal with it, either, as here there are quite a few options

Also, I’m not exactly sure why you have such a strict return policy, tied together with a strict policy on what a commissioner can request change wise (which apparently is nothing?) Commissioners aren’t going to know how to write the plugin they want and miscommunication is bound to happen, and having rules preventing commissioners from correcting your implementory mistakes is super anti consumer, and really you won’t build good relationships with your customers that way.

I’ve always been rather flexible with people and as a result I get repeat customers and possibly some friends out of the deal. Just being a flexible, friendly developer to people who pay you is going to benefit you socially and economically.


Thank you. I’ll remove the first part. Regarding bugs / exploits, I’ll always be fixing them for my customers.


Worlfy updated BetterCommandSigns for me really quickly and efficiently. Great developer and really nice and easy to work with! I would definitely recommending commissioning him!


Looking for some of my custom Spigot plugins to be converted to work over on Sponge (Some being a Sponge to bungeecord bridge) PM me on discord if you are interested! Jack C#0001


Thanks but I don’t really port plugins atm, maybe in the future. Nor am I interested in Bungeecord, thanks though!


Amazingly kind and nice, gets the work done in a timely matter! Would highly recommend worlfy if you are looking for a developer who can code and is very friendly :smiley:


Hey please add me on discord I am PharaohMo#7690


Bump, looking for new projects!


Stranger.Bigboss [ MrTest ]#1926 contact to me please