[1.10.2] MySQL Player (Ender) Chest

this is a plugin request. The needed Features are:

  • A chest, better be the normal Minecraft Enderchest, that …
  • stores it’s content in a mysql database

Why I need this? OK.

  • We want to build a community modpack, that …
  • is played on different servers / instances
  • the servers are connected with bungeecord
  • the content of the inventories of the players is already sync’d with a mysql table ( projectinventories plugin )
  • Now it would be nice to have one chest (3x9 slots) to transfer additional items between the servers

Thanks for reading this.

Michael (aka BakermanLP)

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I would like to bump this thread because I’m looking for exactly the same thing, if this has been worked on or if there exists a plugin that accomplishes this already, someone please forward it’s location to me. Until then, I’ll keep searching.

The only thing I found was:

Seems to work well in our test server environment. Give it a try.

Michael (aka BakermanLP)