[1.12.2] Sending Packets from Forge to Sponge

Hi guys,

I’am trying to send a packet to the server from my forge mod ( client side). And i want to receive this packet in my sponge plugin. So i used ChannelRegistrar etc… BUT! Nothing is happening, nothing is printing in the terminal.
Here my code :

Packet class : https://pastebin.com/175Da9tS
Class where i register the packet : https://pastebin.com/L22Zv0eG
Class where i send the packet: https://pastebin.com/gJ3Uu73V

Main class where i create the ChannelBinding : https://pastebin.com/2Gy1bX7d
Class where i receive the packet : https://pastebin.com/C9DUHMpX

This is supposed to work and at least show the “works” message in the handler class when i receive my packet (last sponge class that i linked ).
I have no error in my terminal…
Please guys I’m struggling on this issue for few days…

I’ve already read these topics : Communication between spongeforge and forge mod client

I apologize in advance for my English.