1.12.2 server crashing, unsure what to do

I usually make modded survival servers for me and a few friends to play on. Usually, after updating mods, and adding a few, crashes are typical, and I fix them. However, this time, I can’t seem to find the problem mod. The mods load fine on single player, so I believe it’s a sponge/forge server issue. Any help would be appreciated!

So the error you have is sponge is trying to apply mixins (what sponge uses to get really good control over mc) however the files have already loaded by another mod.

Normally you can find out what mod this is by the crash report but im not seeing one. Sometimes bootstrapping or loading sponge first works. If not ypu will need and remove the bad mod

I’m using sponge bootstrapper, as I had an issue similar to this before. In addition, I have the sponge jar title beginning with an underscore. So my guess is then its a bad mod. I’ll go through the suspect ones, but If you have any idea what it could be, that would be appreciated. Thanks for the response

So as an update, I’ve found the issue. It’s the latest version of farseek (2.24) that was incompatible with sponge. Just an update incase anyone else comes across the same issue.