1.12.2 Spongeforge Server Crash

My server works perfectly without sponge forge but crashes when i try to install it.
No crash report is created but here is my log and mod list. Please help thank you!
My server is hosted with pebblehost.com

Log : [03:07:12] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Loading tweak class name net.minecraftfo - Pastebin.com

Picture of Server Mod Folder:

So there is a crash on the server. Just search for the word “Exception” and you will find it.

The issue you have a security exception. If memory serves me correctly, its caused by a mod that removes something called “cache” using forge. This cache it removes also removes some of forges requirements to boot some core mods.

I can not for the life of me remember what mod caused this but the developer did update it to sort the issue. It maybe a different mod to what im thinking of too.

what should i do?

I personally would create a test server on your local machine. Boot it with sponge forge only and then slowly add mods to it until the crash happens. That way you know what mod it is.

Once you know the mod you maybe able to update it or just remove it or send a message to the developer in attempt to fix it

The Dynamic Surroundings Mod is causing this problem, do you happen to know if this is a config issue or just the mod itself because i enjoy this mod and wouldn’t like for it to be removed.

It seems like the mod has had compatibility with sponge before and therefore the devs will probably want to keep it that way. Therefore you can probably send them a “issue” at the provided link and hopefully get a response there.

This isnt the mod I was thinking of and personally I have never used this mod. However like I said, try your luck with them.

Alright ill make an issue but for now i have seem to found a temporary solution, i downgraded my Dynamic Surroundings from to and removed TickProfiler the server does not crash and runs fine.

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