1.12.2 vs 1.7.10 (SpongeForge vs Cauldron)

Hello. I want to create a server with ~10 forge mods (IC2, BuildCraft, Forestery, etc.). Which version and server is more preferable? My friend said that 1.12.2 sponge has more dupes, and 1.7.10 cauldron in general is more stable. Is it true? I am new to this, so any opinion would be helpful.

This is completely reverse Sponge 1.12.2 is way way more stable then 1.7.10. In 1.7 it has more duplications bugs then ever. In fact you shouldn’t even be on that version because there is an 1.7 hacked client that utilizes exploits within mods like buildcraft, ic2. Highly recommend you update to 1.12.2.

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It’s a common misconception that Sponge is unstable - it isn’t. The thing is that Sponge for 1.12.2 is still actively supported, Cauldron is as dead as a dodo, and has been for some time. If there is a problem in Sponge, we still will try to fix it. You won’t get that with Cauldron. In fact, the author of Cauldron, blood, is a founder of the Sponge project - so all of the knowledge that made Cauldron, what worked, what didn’t, and what could be done, has come across to Sponge.

Let’s face it. Dupes are always going to exist - in complicated code such as Minecraft, mods, Cauldron and Sponge, bugs are going to exist and we’re never going to get it perfect. Sometimes, mods are the problem. Sometimes plugins. Sometimes Sponge. In fact, to try to raise the game for stability and recognising that we could do better, I have recently taken responsibility for our 1.12.2 versions, and trying to recommend builds that are stable - we still have that support in place and we are fixing things.

So, you’re really asking the wrong question, and, with respect, your friend really gave you a narrow view. Bottom line is, we still support Sponge for 1.12.2 and will actively try to fix problems - stability can increase and dupes will be patched if we can do so. Cauldron has been dead for a long time - neither of these things are true for Cauldron.


Thank you for your answer. Will Sponge be much more resource-intensive? I mean, does it consume more RAM or CPU?

You also got to take into account that cauldron was designed to bring bukkit plugins - something that was never meant to be ran on forge and seems to be designed to go against anything forge to run on forge… While sponge plugins are designed to be vanilla and forge compatible, therefore you will get stability from the ground up.

As for resources management, sponge is less resource intensive, in my experience anyway. This is probably to do with what sponge was designed to run on - that is Mixens instead of what im assuming cauldron runs on - that is wrappers.

This could also be down to more efficient code in minecraft itself though.

Overall, highly recommend sponge over cauldron. Any day

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Just to add to that: CPU and RAM usage is a bit of an apples and oranges comparison. You can’t really compare Cauldron and Sponge because they target very different Minecraft versions with different mods and different feature sets. You’ll get diferent results between Spigot 1.7.10 and Spigot 1.12.2 on Vanilla, for example - and there is a common factor in the plugin platform.

There is no common factor between Cauldron 1.7.10 and Sponge 1.12.2 (except for the fact they are both on top of some version of Minecraft) - so the answer to the question may not help you very much anyway.

Honestly, if you want the best answers to these questions, give them both a go, see what you think! We think Sponge is much better than Cauldron, but I will say that you are asking on a Sponge forum - we’re going to be biased. I’m not interested in telling you not to use Cauldron though, especially because you’re coming to ask reasonable, thought out questions and I can appreciate that your research will give you your answer. I don’t recommend Cauldron, of course, but I’m not interested in telling you what is best for you.

Of course, if you have trouble with your Sponge installation, we’re here to help. We also have specialist docs that you might want to use to help with setup and such - feel free to make use of them too!