1.12 spongeforge optimizations

I’m running ftb revelations on my server host for my friends and it’s mostly running well. The only time there is noticeable lag is when there’s the max number of people on. I was wondering if I could download some performance mods to make the server run perfectly. I did all of the sponge config optimizations already and both phosphor and foam fix are on it. Can I download performant mod, AI improvements, and better fps without any conflicts? I know sponge already helps minecraft run better and I was wondering if any of these mod do a similar thing that sponge already does. For example, Better fps has hopper optimization but I know sponge already has that. Is one better than the other or can I keep both on? Also, if there are any other suggestions to help improve server performance that I didn’t say please tell me.

Here are multiple timings reports