1.16.5 spongeforge server can't be stopped because of SpongeScheduledTask?

Hello there! My server can’t be turned off when it has players online, because of SpongeScheduledTask?


Does someone have spongeforge 1.16.5 active server? It seems like too many crashes and errors. I have a server on Mohist and it seems like better now.

This is likely a plugin that is causing this. Most likely Nucleus as it isnt fully compatible with sponge api 8 (and never will be as it no longer receives updates).

Try without nucleus and see if the problem persists

I’ve just tried to delete all the plugins, the issue wasn’t fixed
Here’s a log without plugins at all

No, it’s not pixelmon, I deleted it and had the same issue

Im not seeing anything about SpongeScheduledTask so is the issue fixed?

Nope, I still can’t turn off the server. There’s no this message without plugins

The logs are showing that the server is turning off. So the next question is. What are you using to turn off the server?

The process is freeze in the log till I won’t kill a script. I use command “stop”

Just tried it with the same sponge forge as yourself without any other mod and it works fine. so its likely another mod causing it. Sadly the only way to find it is by removing mods. I would create a server copy and then remove half of your mods (ensure that mods that require other mods are with those other mods), if the problem persists then you know its one of those, if not its likely in the other half

hope this helps

The problem is Custom NPCs, I deleted this mod

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