1.18.2 Forge crash, "An unexpected critical error was encountered"

Log can be found here Vanilla 1.18.2 Crash Report [#svJEhAl] - mclo.gs

It started after I installed the mod “Create: Steam n’ Rails” into a modpack on Curseforge. I’ve never heard of this mod before, neither have I encountered this crash.

The issue you have isnt sponge but instead how the mod you added interacts with Mixins.

Mixins is a tool made by sponge and all it does is allows a developer to run code built into minecraft without hacking into it. Mods that use mixins are responsible for how they use mixins.

The issue you have is the mod you added does something similar to mixins but is not compatible with mixins. There maybe a issue on the support page for mixins, however if not, I would highly recommend reporting it to the mod developer.

Mixins are used by many mods and is even built into Fabric, so by having a issue with mixins is something a developer would want to fix

do you have the create mod installed? create: steam n rails depends on create (hence the ‘create:’ part of the name).