1.20 SpongeVanilla Builds Available - Sponge Status Update - 7th June 2023

SpongeVanilla 1.20 Ahoy!

Thanks to the hard work of our dev team who have been keeping up to date with the snapshots and pre-releases, we have Day 1 builds of SpongeVanilla available!

With that we are also announcing API 11, which is a relatively minor break from API 10, the two changes of note are:
Signs - Double sided & Hanging signs have been introduced.
Smithing - New recipe requires a Smithing Template.

Plugins from API 10 that do not interact with either of these are likely to still be functional, but we recommend plugin developers check to be sure!

As these are still early builds there are likely to be bugs or the occasional crash, if you happen to find any please report them to Issues. Of course, please remember to BACKUP both before you update and at regular intervals.

SpongeVanilla 1.20 Experimental Builds can be found here


Dev Update

Downloads API Deprecation Notice

Most hosts displaying lists of SpongeForge/SpongeVanilla available to be installed rely on an older Downloads API which has been broken for some months now, and a new Downloads API (v2) has been made available for over a year. The new Downloads API (Swagger API) is actively being developed, so some minor pieces of the API may change, but we are happy with the speed at which the service performs.

As such, Downloads API v1 will be shutting down on December 1st.

As a server admin, if you have installed Sponge through your host’s server panel, it is likely they will need to migrate to the new APIs, so please contact them

API 8/1.16.5

With the release of 1.20, it’s time to begin winding down our API 8/1.16.5 support.

We aim to pull in remaining PRs with a low maintenance burden in over the course of the next two weeks and pending stability tests, ideally declare release builds soon after.

SpongeVanilla RBs will be declared first, however we will be waiting for a longer period before declaring SpongeForge RBs due to the more complex environment it is used in (with the potential for mod conflicts and so forth).

Following the declaration of 1.16.5 release builds:

Ongoing support will be wound down, however in the event of critical issues or vulnerabilities we may still issue further updates.

Community-submitted PRs of high quality may still be accepted, but we would prefer these be primarily related to bugfixes and compatibility improvements, new features should be submitted for later API versions.

API 10/1.19.4


API 10 remains a consistent evolution upon the API 8 lineage, however there are several content additions which have occurred since then that are not yet included in the API, so if you’re a plugin developer who’s noticed anything that’s been overlooked, please reach out! (And if you have a PR ready to go, all the better!)


SpongeVanilla 1.19.4 is shaping up to be quite stable at this point, with only 5 bugs unique to the version. If you’ve found any new issues please let us know!

There are still some implementation-level details that need work, if you’re interested in helping out you can find a list here.


There still remain a few blockers to clear in order to get the tooling for SpongeForge 1.19.4+ in shape:

  • Support Mixin Remapping in ForgeAutoRenamingTool
  • Add Java Modules to Plugin Loading
  • Support passing additional Transformers to ForgeAutoRenamingTool run in ForgeGradle’s jar remap task

As things stand currently, we expect there to be substantial similarity between 1.19.4 and 1.20 SpongeForge implementations as most breakages occurred earlier during the 1.19.2->1.19.4 update. However future 1.20.x updates may still result in breakages.

Community Update

Safety Notice:

It appears that malware has been found on a number of mods available through CurseForge, while this is being investigated we would advise users not to download or update mods and modpacks from that site.

There is no impact to anyone using SpongeVanilla, but if you run a modded Forge server we would advise you check both the server install and client modpack for any signs of malware and disable any further updates for the duration of the incident.

Further details are available here:


As the API 8 development work wraps up, we’d like to make sure the Docs are in good shape also. If you’d like to help, check out our guide!

Additionally, if you’re able to translate we’d appreciate your help making sure the Docs can be read in multiple languages here.

Everyone is more than welcome to come along to the #docs channel on our Discord as well if you’d like to talk to the team.

Plugin Competition

Stay tuned - we will have an announcement out very shortly about this!

State of Sponge XXIII:

We are currently planning to hold the next SoS on either July 15th or 22nd, depending on staff availability. We’ll let you know with an announcement early in July.

Building off our little Create demonstration at SoS XXII, this time we plan to be running on a modded SpongeForge 1.16.5 server (OF course, we’ll be sure to vet the mods first!)

Pack details to follow! Don’t worry though, we’ll keep it light so as many people as possible can join.