$15 for someone to customize husky crates for me

I’m looking for someone to make me 4 crates for me.
VoteCreate which will have a chance for all pokeballs (besides masterball), 1% chance for an exp share, and 1% for each orb for the legendary birds. As well as a chance to get 1 diamond, 3 emeralds, and all other ore.

CopperCrate - the same stuff as votecrate + Chance to get random pokemon including legendary (smaller chance)

SilverCrate Same as votecrate & coppercrate + chance to get random shiny pokemon non legendary

Gold Crate - all other crates + 1% chance to get shiny legendary and 1% chance to get a masterball.

I haven’t done anything with husky crates yet, so you can just send me the files once your done. The payment will be through Paypal only, and will be given upon delivery.

For the pokemon and legendary’s if those are entered in manually just chose some uncommon/rare ones and add a select few. For legendary’s add the most common to get and that’s it :slight_smile: If you need to contact me as well, you can do so by going to my guilded server and DMing me on there. Guilded - Chat for Gaming Communities