1st person on other player

would be cool to see a custom plugin like this

What it does is you type a command for example /person and it transfers the player camp over to you so you basically see what he is doing and what he is seeing from his perspective quiet usefull
if you want more info about what this and what else it should be doing feel free to comment bellow :smiley:

isnt that spectator mode? where you view in 1st person a player?

something like that but the problem is there is no function like that yet well the spectator mode is by gm2 but it would be usefull for catching cheaters on the server might aswell implement something like this

the control is not needed =) i just want it to be like the video but then spec mod :slight_smile:

That would be something about sending packets from one client to an other client. Looks interesting :smiley:

yeh but idk if its legal tough lol