2016 Expectations


As we are 3 months into the year 2016 and so far have seen many things. We have seen API Version 4 and now we have API Version 5 on the horizon with 1.9 out and everything. What do we expect from Sponge in this year and when will these happen? Are we striving for the full release of sponge?


Personally i'd love to see the inventory API finished.
And we need to get 1.9 releases ready, as Forge is updating too.


I second the update to 1.9 and Inventory API.

It's amazing at how fast mods have already updated to 1.9.

On a side note. What would be even better is a sponge plugin or something that is native to sponge to allow bungeecord like services.


Using Bungeecord isn't an option?


Up-to-date video Tutorials for setting up the workspace/debugging/importing a piece of data.


Sponge has native bungeecord support, it's bungee's sponge/forge support that isn't up to scratch. There is a BungeeCord plugin on the forums called SpongePls that adds support to bungee.


What else do people know about 2016 expectations other then Bungeecord please. I want to hear more then just Bungeecord.


Besides that one can use Waterfall, a Bungee fork. Waterfall ships the required changes by default.