3 crashes 1.10.2

Hey guys. Can someone help me with crashes? In github all ignored me
Forge Mod Loader version
Mods: CustomNpcs, Mo’Creatures, CustomMobSpawner, LotsOfFood
Plugins: WorldEdit, RedProtect, EssentialCMDs, ProjectWorlds, ProjectPortals, Twentyticks, PermissionsEx, Holograms


Here’s my analysis of the crashes:

  1. This sets the record for the wackiest crash I’ve ever seen. It looks like the server thought it froze and decided to crash itself… while it was already shutting down.
  2. In this case, the server thought it froze, so it crashed itself… while it was working on making a crash report for another crash.
  3. I’ve seen this before - [1.11.2] Task rejected crash · Issue #1534 · SpongePowered/SpongeForge · GitHub. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to debug it with the crash report alone. I wrote a plugin that adds more information to the server logs; could you install that to help me get more information from it? [1.11.2] Task rejected crash · Issue #1534 · SpongePowered/SpongeForge · GitHub

Also, next time you get a crash, could you post your server logs (logs/latest.log) as well as the crash report? They may help with debugging the crashes.

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I install this plugin. Its good if I know how server is crashed. But I need fix this issue, how I can do this?(

And mb u know something about this crash:

Crashreport: hastebin
Log: hastebin

Noppes (author of custom npcs say its sponge bug)
I already have this crash on version 1.7.10. 3 years ago (Cauldron)

I’m pretty sure it’s a Sponge developer’s fault; you won’t need to do anything except upload the full server log when it next crashes, then update SpongeVanilla when a fix comes out.

As for the new crash, I’ll look into it as soon as I finish working on another bug.

I can’t figure out how to reproduce the CustomNPCs crash. Do you know what people were doing on the server around that time?

Nope, I dont know what players doing on server and server crash… I have this crash 1-3 times at a day

I will throw u log with your plugin when server crashed by custom npcs

Just now server crashed by custom npcs, coz my friend (Admin) connected to server

I’ll confess, these issues are really baffling me. I’ve messaged some of the other Sponge developers to see if they can help.

TY for help, I will wait :slight_smile:

I have new crash:

Log when crashed:

In this one, an NPC script did something that took way too long to run. It isn’t a mod bug.

Crash: hastebin
Log: hastebin

Crash: hastebin
Log: no log, crash 1 min after restart

And what about custom npcs crash? This crush always when random player connect.
I can havent crashes 2 days. And I can have 3 times crash at a day

New information about custom npcs crash.
Server will not closed after this error. He closed after 25 min with other crash…

Noppes says “again it is spawning an npc but doesnt know how”

For the first crash, it looks like a player named Honf was making a large change with WorldEdit that hung up the server. The second and third crashes look very strange; I don’t know what to do about those.

No one know how to fix 3 crash with custom npcs… MB we can do some tests? Debbuging etc…
Can we go to skype if u want help me fix this?

Again new crash: hastebin
No errors in log…

In that one, it almost seems like 21 new players tried to join your server simultaneously and overloaded it.

What are the following?

common1534{1.0-1.10.2} [SpongeCommon#1534] (common1534-1.0-1.10.2.zip) 
1000{1.0.0} [TEST] (1000.zip) 

They look incredibly suspect to me, particularly the SpongeCommon one.

Also, note that this issue was also made about this too - New sponge crash (1.10.2) · Issue #1632 · SpongePowered/SpongeForge · GitHub, as I said, you need to start looking at removing mods because I honestly think it’s a mod/plugin that’s causing this. I’d start by removing the two I’ve listed.

I have launcher and I cant have ddos attacks. So its sponge bug?

  1. Common1534 its JBYoshi plugin (more inf to log)
  2. its customstuff 3 mod (I have this crases before install this mod)