3D modeling is fun

[7:27:41 PM] Xemimi Sanzenin: if it wasn’t for the winterkid skin i’d look like a 10/10 badass


Did you make that?
(If so what software ;3)

BDCubikPro for modeling and exporting to minecraft’s json model format
Paint.NET for painting textures

Blender is another popular modelling tool

difference: CUBIK’s optimized for modeling a minecraft model

If you want something free, try http://ichun.us/mods/tabula-minecraft-modeler/

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where the hell was this in my googling

god damnit

Damn, turns out block model support might not be in anyway. I remembered hearing about block model support during the dev livestream, guess it never made it :frowning:

well, looking at it now, cubik makes it a lot easier to do. either way, both are great programs; preference chooses, i guess

have an unintentionally giant sword.


Laptop with a sponge on the screen?

It’s the Master Sword! :slight_smile:

the blade point isn’t even centered like the ms what

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Time to make a Skyrim helmet. Unfortunately, I’m not that good at pixel art, so wish me luck…

tbh its pretty easy to do
can’t give that much specific tips about it, but my generic process of pixel art is

  • draw the outline/shape in black
  • add flat colors
  • add shading
  • touch-ups
  • if it needs to be bigger, resize and base it off the original shape

if all colors look too flat or too similar, in a new layer, drop a light-gray color on your entire canvas and add a noise filter. add a layer effect like negate or color burn and mess with the layer opacity. should add some variety to the colors so its not so flat

glhf .3.