A easy way to damage someone

It would be nice if we can call a method (In SpongeAPI) like Player#damage(double damage, DamageSource cause, boolean bypassArmorReduction).
Currently, we should check the player’s GameModeData/InvulnerabilityData before because we can kill a player in creative mode.
Also the method should fire an event before any action, like every game’s damagesources.

My English isn’t perfect, I hope I was clear.

This is being added in the massive event changes, specifically here. There’s a lot of details going into this, I’d encourage reading some of the documentation from the AttackEntityEvent, DamageSource, and DamageModifier classes currently in the branch.

Okey thank, but I’m not familiar with Github, how to know the ongoing changes into SpongeAPI or others projects ?

Usually, when there are “requested” changes, they take the form of a PR (Pull Request), which can be seen here. Normally, if you have an account on GitHub, you can “watch” the repository and be notified of almost all activity, including changes made to branches (basically, they’re changes to the API that are still being worked on) and of course, changes made to the master branch.