A few questions

I have figured out the pagination service feature, but PaginationBuilder#paddingString() only accepts a string, not a Text. How do i make the padding string include color and formatting?

Also how do i use the tablist interface? I want to customize it with header/footer and more.

Currently, the padding takes its color and formatting from title().

Not sure about the second question, hopefully someone else can explain.

Yeah, I want to know how to modify the tab list

Also, do you know how to use pagination and also remove the little arrows at the bottom line?

The whole point of pagination is to use the arrows. If you have too much content it’ll split it into pages.

How do i do something like this in the chat, then?

Screenshot of mineplex

Just send the Player a bunch of messages.

I think sending messages would work, i just thought the pagination service could be used for single pieces of text, like shown.

No. The entire point of pagination is for pages.

OK, i see what the pagination is for, but for the other question: is it possible to modify the tablist of a player with the Tablist interface yet?