A little help

Was there any custom javascript for creating new items that can behave like real compounds in Minecraft education edition? I would like to have more realistic properties to help me with my game-based learning. Thanks!

Education edition is based upon the bedrock edition of Minecraft, while the sponge forum is for Minecraft based, its based upon the Java edition so the help you get probably wont be the best.

JavaScript is designed for HTML components and thats it. So using it for anything else is something that doesn’t really happen. You may have better luck with a language such as LUA, Java or Python.

Im not familiar with bedrock nor any extensions of it such as educational education, but I hope that helps with searching for mods for it

Got it, still thank you for your insights @MoseMister.

Sadly, none. I heard that there was a new update for Minecraft education edition, I think it was Chemistry update, have you check it already?