A more organized plugin center

i’m looking at all these plugin threads and getting all giddy and stuffs in excitement for a sponge release, but i feel like its missing a sense of organization. so i wonder, do you guys at sponge plan to create a centralized plugin base for us developers to store our plugins and relay information to our users, and for said users to easily find plugins suited for their needs? (something like the bukkitdev site)

You might want to take a look at this topic:

/i should browse more categories than just the plugins section/
aknewoirnasfon thankyous

No worries. But yes, there is a general plan for there to be something like that.

Here’s a design idea by @gratimax which I like http://gratimax.net/sponge-temple/

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Definitely like this one. I’ve talked to @gratimax about the plugin repository already. If he wasn’t focused on ECS/API, then he’d be on the web team. I wish he’d be on the web team.

@redstone_sheep and I have been working on this site. Source is here

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