A new Guinness world record I want to make


I’m planning to make a Guinness World Record that’s not in their database. The world record I want to make is Fastest Compketion of a Boss Battle in a LEGO MMO. The mmo that I’m going to do it on unfortunately closed in 2012. But an emulator that has limited permission from The LEGO Group itself is in development and is going into closed beta soon. The only Boss Battle that will be available is the Spider Queen Battle. I had DMed the co-owner,and tweeted to the founder and the official twitter Page asking about making the world record.

No responses yet.

The plan is I’m going to livestream the attempt on ether twitch or Facebook. Facebook was the original choice to livestream it, as my friends could act as witnesses. But I also want to stream it on twitch. If I sucessfully make the world record, I plan to split the credit with my sweetheart(my gf) because she gives me the courage and determination(not the Undertale determination) to achieve it and encourages me to do my best. She even said that she’ll still love me even if I fail. When I receive the certificate, my sweetheart will also receive one, but for being encouraging and a truly devoted lover and supporter. She really deserves it. I searched their database and another site to see if there was already a world record for what I wanted to do. There’s none in their database.