A problem with Pixelmon Server

Firstly, sorry for the english, usually I speak hebrew.
I have a pixelmon server, I downloaded some plugins and the server works fine.
When I am trying to buy/sell items in the ShopKeepers, after I downloaded TotalEconomy and PixelmonEconomyBridge in order to merge the PokeDollars (money in Pixelmon) and money from TotalEconomy, the error “A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated” shows up.
What can I do?


Are you using the right versions?

If you could please first precise what version of Pixelmon you are using, I can begin to help you. Provide an fml-server-latest.log if you are using something in 1.10.2, and fml-earlyjunk-startup.log if it is on 1.12.2.

I think so, How can I check?

When I try to buy/sell the game is quiting the server and the error show up.
I don’t think that you can see the error in latest.log

Then where else does the error show up

I have no idea, Where can it be?

What about console?

‏‏צילום מסך (153)
In the Console I can see - “User GajEmber has disconnected, reason: unknown”
In any case, here is the latest.log - gist:084ba8a95439a3a61dc7aa4c34a64d93 · GitHub.
Maybe I am not using matched versions?

What version do you have installed and what version is your server running?

Can you please first tell me if you are using Pixelmon for 1.10.2 or 1.12.2? It will make a difference when asking for your logs. The latest.log normally says nothing of importance, and starting 1.12 the fml-server-latest.log is broken. So if you are using 1.12.2, I need the fml-junk-earlystartup.log.

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