A redone sponge server

I really can’t find out how to get my own sponge server to work so if a person would post their server in a win rar file or something it would be nice.

Download Sponge to an empty directory.

java -jar sponge.jar install
java -jar sponge.jar run


java -jar sponge.jar go

This wont happen due to security reasons.

Short instructions:
-Download a sponge build and forge 1371
-install forge
-copy sponge into Forges “Mods” folder
-run the forge Server


Edit: Ferus is a ninja! :smiley: just do what he told you.

What is forge modus ?

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mods/ folder*

When you install forge, this folder will be created in the the forge directory. Copy the Sponge .jar there.

stupid autocorrect on mobile, sorry. Forge “mods” is correct ofc :slight_smile:

That doesn’t work, brings up the gui instead of doing stuff it’s supposed to do.

EDIT: An issue has been made on github, should be fixed before to long now.

As in, SpongeVanilla?

EDIT: scratch above, https://docs.spongepowered.org/en/server/getting-started/installation.html may be outdated.

are you using java, not javaw? (cross posting to forums for future people)

Thanks for the post @FerusGrim! I know this might be covered in the docs but I tossed together a blog post to expound on what you posted here.

I hope it helps others.



It doesn’t (yet). I’ve raised an issue on the docs, actually, to add these instructions somewhere. It’s much simpler than manually finding and downloading the appropriate Forge version.