A rollback plugin

Hi, I would like to take sponge to the next level and use it in my upcoming server.
But a great stable plugin to revert changes done by players would be necessary.
Pfft especially to revert the damage done by massive raids.

Thanks :smiley:

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I have been scouring through, and so far I have only found some plugins that do this, a bit like CoreProtect - but it is not actually very malleable. And as per the /rollback function, there is not actually something that is complete, as there is so far only one plugin, Inspector, that does that. But again, it is pretty limited.

Prism will be ready soon

I’ve been assisting the dev with any fixes he needs in Sponge.

Prefect, Inspector is just what I needed, thanks :smiley:

Oh this looks perfect. For now I’m going to use Inspector but Prism will definitely replace it.

Thanks for the advice :smiley: