A stand alone motd

so i am looking for a stand alone MOTD plugin which shows a custom MOTD message on the server list,

I used ultimatecore for that but the person i host the server with wanted to switch to nucleus which does not support motd’s server list side so is anyone able to complete a stand alone motd plugin? :o <3

will try it out

Nucleus does support changing the server list MOTD (though I need to improve the docs in this area, it does have the command and config syntax at least): https://nucleuspowered.org/docs/modules/server-list.html. That said, ServerListPlus is more featurefuland a solid replacement for the server list - so I’d certainly give it a go anyway! You may want to disable Nucleus the server list module in that case.

:wink: i am using ServerListPlus atm works like a charm and i also love the enable disable command it provides :smiley: also about nucleus for some reason op’s get an error while doing certain things regular players can do /kits if a opped user does /kit they get an error