A thing that bothers me... - API Suggestions

Hello Community,
I’d like to tell you something. I almost daily spend hours on the Sponge-Forums and there’s one thing that bothers me: Poor suggestions.
First, just because Sponge is new, it doesn’t mean we have to spam the forums with (poor) suggestions.

Before posting a Suggestion

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it really an API Suggestion? [So is it a request for specific code, or is it just a feature that could be added by a plugin?] - the most important question
  2. Make sure it’s useful [Do you really want a .dispenseWinegum(amount) method?]
  3. Use proper grammar [No one wants to read an entirely capitalized text, …]
  4. Provide information [Why do you want it, what’s the point of it?]

If you’re done asking yourself these questions, and you’re happy with your post, you should be good to go.

Another nice thread about this:


This has already been said before:

EDIT: I ment to say that this partly includes the other thread. Not entirely, though it is a nice reference to put here

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Oh I see. I’ll include the link at the end of my post.

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What’s a poor suggestion? Who decides what’s poor?

  1. Keep in mind that API is a development construct and a lot of folks may not entirely understand what that means. In fact, even those that that know what it means may disagree what is/is not going to be in the Sponge API. My personal preference is to deal in contracts, but that’s just me.

  2. Subjective. What I may find useful someone else may not.

  3. Given the diverse international community on this forum getting everyone to use perfect grammar, and I am going to assume English, will be difficult. Personally I find run on sentences the worse type of offense, but that’s me.

  4. This one I agree with. Regardless if it is API or feature related providing some sort of detail as to the why’s/wherefores would be beneficial

I’m pretty sure, I described what I think of as a ‘poor suggestion’ in my post.

1: An API should allow communication between the original minecraft code and my plugin code. That’s all you’d need. If you want your .dispenseWinegum(amount) which is not a part of the original Minecraft, you should code it on your own and you shouldn’t ask for the Sponge Devs to add it to their API. People asking for things to be added to the API, should at least know what it is.

2: You have to use common sense for that. I recently saw a user asking for a mailing API. Would that be useful for most of us? No. Essentials already allows mailing.

3: I’m from Germany, I don’t expect anyone to use perfect grammar, as I can’t even speak English perfectly. However, I expect people to form proper sentences.

u w0t m8?

See what I mean? And that is just an example. Doesn’t mean everyone posts a suggestion like that.

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I was think you could make this API be able to use other forms of plugins From like Spigot/bukkit/spout manly bukkit because they hold a really large percentage of all plugins so maybe making sponge compatible with bukkit plugins would work

This is the wrong thread to post your suggestion in. Also, there’s already a thread on that topic.

Lol sorry about that

this and this

I agree on this. The #support should do something about this.

Don't know if you can see it (I can't) but there is a picture right there. hover over it ^^^
I hate to point this out, but all of those comments are stuff like this. "i agree" or "love it!". Although it's great to leave feedback, that's what the :heart_decoration: is for. Please use it. Nobody enjoys waking up to 57 notifications from the same person saying basically the same thing.

PS: Yes, I woke up to 57 notifications, 2 of those were relevant, the others were spam, and I make sure to only follow threads I need to.


I shouldn’t tell you now how much I agree, should I? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am sorry. Let’s leave some real suggestions,

  • Maybe make a post limit
  • Control threads before they are posted
  • Only let people with a Member tag post idea’s for the API.

I’m fairly certain managing the member group for all these people is far more trouble than responding to bad suggestion threads, not to mention that level of restriction is not something you typically want in a growing community forum.

[quote=“xxmarijnw, post:14, topic:2785”]
Control threads before they are posted
[/quote] Not really sure how you plan to do that, but pretty much any way will be bad.


You cant stop a thread from being posted before it is unless you take away permissions form that user or group besides it would be way to much trouble just to take away a permissions form one user unless its all or most of one group doing it