A Town Plugin

So Obviously around theres a few differen’t plugins that people got use to for towns and protection in servers from Bukkit mostly Towny and Factions then there was the mod MyTown(2) this is my suggestion on a town system.

Claiming Your Way
Upon making your town the chunk you are standing will will be claimed for your town.
After the initial claim you would be able to do for example /claim toggle doing this will change the way you claim

Type 1: Cuboid

Cuboid claims will use a item specified in the config or in game maybe with a command to select an area.
When selecting an area you will have to select at the height and width of the are you wish to claim.
After selecting the area if you wanted to expand the height to bedrock or sky level there would be a command to quickly do that /claim expand perhaps

Type 2: Chunk Based

Chunk Claims would be much simpler do /claim inside the chunk you wish to claim and it claims or do /claim (radius) to claim a few chunks at once or do something like /claim auto this will auto claim the chunks you walk in so you can quickly claim the areas you want and repeat the command to turn it off.

Sub Plots
Within every plot you will be able to claim and name a sub plot giving the ability to sell smaller pieces of land within your town


Haven - Town
* Market - Plot
* General Shop - Sub Plot

Real Estate
Plots within your town you’ll be able to Sell, Rent and Lease .

Plot Types
Bank - This plot will give players access to a town bank where they can open accounts deposit and withdraw money
Hospital - Within the hospital plot players have an increased heal rate
Market - Buy and Sell items within market plots all items sold get a % taken off for town tax selling can be done with signs linked to a check by selecting it with redstone maybe like in SighShop plugin?
Residential - Where player housing would be set, no special perks i can think of would be worth adding.
Town Hall - This would only be able to be on 1 plot which would be the towns home plot when players did say /town home this is where they are brought within here the mayor could check town records such as Plot Sales, Rent Paid/Overdue etc and deposit money in to the towns bank that funds the whole town.

Plot Permissions
Town Mayor would be able to setup different ranks within his towns besides the 2 default ranks Stranger and Mayor and be able to give them perms as he sees fit.

Allow/Disallow Fire
Allow/Disallow Lava
Allow/Disallow Monsters
Allow/Disallow Animals
Allow/Disallow Entry
Allow/Disallow Placing Blocks
Allow/Disallow Breaking Blocks
Allow/Disallow Item Use
Allow/Disallow Container Use

Well thats all i can think of for now but i’d love to see this kind of a plugin be made every time i see a new town system put out it always is lacking in some areas this kind of thing if made right could be amazing.

Do not fear, most if not all plugins from bukkit are being ported over.

i more fear that people won’t improve the old towny is great but being restricted to chunks is boring, Residence was fun but overly complicated for most users and lacked on some features.

It would be great to have a plugin that generates some kind of “heatmap” when people start building a town.
First of all, a “start beacon” (e.g. a banner or a well) has to be placed. You have to name the town and you can add members who are allowed to build in the town. The heatmap of the town will initially heat up in the radius of the beacon.
Placing “Valuable blocks” (NOT dirt) will generate more heat and extend the borders of the town.

The “heat” would also increase for when:

  • You kill monsters or players near your town
  • Move through the town
  • You place “valuable” blocks
  • Placing more valuable blocks generates more heat (iron door, obsidian, metal blocks, enchant table)
  • You do a lot of terraforming
  • You craft or smelt items
  • Breed animals
  • Sleep in a bed in the town

The “heat” decreases when:

  • You don’t login for a while
  • You get killed in the town
  • other bad stuff…

Example Heatmap:

The plugin uses the “heatmap” to determine if a building/chest/animal is public or claimed.
If the plugin isn’t sure if something should be protected, it will not protect it. Instead, it will notify a staff member to check if something was stolen or not: “playerX took xxx from chest at x|y|z” or “playerY mined valuable block at x|y|z”
A rollback plugin can be used to revert the theft.

To share a town with a new member, people can place “sub beacons” in the town area. These beacons will allow the new members to build their stuff next to it (but not in the whole town). Again, the plugin checks if the new member breaks important things other members placed (and stops it) using the heatmap.

The plugin displays messages when you enter a town zone and when you leave it. To prevent “zone message spamming”, the “enter message” will be sent when the heat is at 50%. The “leave message” will be sent when the heat is at 30%.

The players just have to setup the “start beacon”, there would be no “claiming” problem, everything is automated.

Ok, who wants to team up with me and make this plugin? :smiley:


Who on Earth is going to port these thousands and thousands of plugins?


This is more than an overstatement. Yes, many Bukkit plugins probably will be, but nowhere near most or all of them. Then you have MobCatcher and MCMMO going to Spigot only so they can charge people money for their use… looks at FernFlower Huh. Such a strange thing to do.

I’m against paid plugins, asking for donations is one thing, charging is another.


People pay me so I don’t make plugins :trollface:


I’d team up with you to make the plugin, I’d just have to learn Java first… but I could build you a web site tho :smile:

I have started work on a plots/grief prevention plugin sofar named SpongePlots. The intention is to provide at least the basic functionality of owning land and having control over who can do what inside your area, and over time more advanced features such as group ownership, integration with economy and other services, and perhaps more.
The project is at GitHub - kenneaal/SpongePlots: SpongePlots is a plot management system for Sponge API , and I can be found in the #sponge and #spongedev channels as Absolver if anyone wishes to discuss the project.

Well if you put in everything i suggested above it’d definitely be something i’d use.

Well, I’m more interested in a working war system. I have never seen a teamplay plugin with an unexploitable one… Towny’s is a very bad one, right now.

Cool it’s about time that there was something… New in the market.
Kind of like a Red Dead/kingdoms system. May I suggest a profession system for people inside the “towns”

Not sure if you noticed, but mcMMO is available free of charge still on our public CI, and remains open source with an easily accessible repo. The only reason we moved to spigot and used a “premium resource” is to make it more obvious of how to contribute monetarily to us, as apparently it was near impossible for the tens of thousands of servers running mcMMO to see the paypal donation button(As it never got clicked, ever). That, in addition to the fact that without monetary compensation, nobody on the dev team had the motivation to continue work on it with bukkit gone, and the fact that after years of us looking for more contributors, we still had no new blood. We decided it would be best to make the donation process more obvious. So instead of just assuming we are greedy jerks charging to use it, maybe you should actually read the page where we describe the aforementioned decision process. As the alternative was just leaving it to die.


Whatever floats your boat, man. If you think you need monetary compensation for your work, that’s on you. The server I play on doesn’t use MCMMO anymore, but was looking for a way to not pay for MobCatcher, so I built a replacement for it. And I think there are lots of others who will follow suit in finding or making their own replacements.

Well that got heated! We all have our opinions here, let’s not make a fight out of it.

Code on my friends!

Judging by the fact that for over 2 years, nearly nobody outside the project has been motivated to contribute at all to mcMMO, I doubt anyone is motivated enough to rewrite it in it’s entirety. Secondly, as a person in the real world with real life bills, any bit helps, so asking a measly optional 10 dollar donation to justify spending time working on a program I don’t even personally use shouldn’t be too much to ask, especially considering most people running mcMMO benefit financially from its usage (There is a reason mcmmo has its own category on some server listing websites). I figured giving people a way of keeping the project alive, since a lot of servers depend on it, was a good thing, so don’t try to paint me as a bad guy.


Check your inbox for a PM, this is not the place for this bullshit.

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That Youtuber nick, tho. :heart: