[Abandoned] Lapis Commons: Unified toolkit for rapid Sponge plugin development

Rapid development?! Rapid plugin development?!
Hell yes this seems great.

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Yup, this sounds very necessary. “Rapid plugin development” That sounds magical, please do!

This sounds exciting. I’ll be interested to see where this project goes in the future.

JavaDoc is now available:

API is under heavy development !

This seems awesome! Keep up the good work! :smile:

My own project Pore has officially merged with Lapis Blue. :smiley:


This sounds so awesome.

I think that the Lapis Blue project is an exact duplicate of Foundation. It would be cool if there is some sort of connection to both projects, because there are two exact same projects now. That would be really a waste of time for you and me, and the plugin compatibility is very, very messed up.

Sounds great, good luck! Had a look around your website and I think that the features you guys are creating are amazing, looking forward to Lapis commons!

I wouldn’t say that the Lapis Blue project is an exact duplicate, since the Foundation project itself provides more specific features like Server Management, User Management, World Manipulation, Jails.

I feel like the Foundation project should part with Economy, Permissions and Scripting because those things don’t really fit. Therefore, please don’t connect Lapis Blue and Foundation.

Actually, I don’t much care, because projects often do offer inspiration to each other, but I also don’t want people to get the wrong idea about the relationship and timing of events between Foundation and Lapis.

Lapis Commons was conceived by four programmers as a toolkit plugin, a sort of “Sponge Commons”, on EsperNet #spongedev, some time before Sept 19th (I don’t have exact records). At that time, if Foundation existed, it was as a user-facing re-envisioned Essentials. I discovered the Foundation project shortly after Lapis was founded, and was quite excited about the possibility of the two projects working together. I had a talk with one of the devs and cheerfully shared expertise on plugin dependencies and service registration (this was before we knew that Sponge has a built-in service manager).

Foundation team tells me today that a week ago, clearly the very moment after I offered the olive branch, they decided to become a toolkit plugin identical to Lapis. I find this suspicious and upsetting, but for the moment let’s assume good faith. The Lapis group is against all kinds of code duplication, so I respectfully ask you (Foundation) to honor your initial design and become the essential user-facing plugin. We still have every intention of supporting you in such an effort.

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@Falkreon will you be creating a forum for help with the plugins etc, like making a forum for commands where the community can share the commands they created? I think this is a great idea!

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This looks like it could be awesome. This seems like it could be the new Essentials - without all the useless tidbits.

Will definitely be keeping a lookout, this will probably be our go-to for 1.8 :smiley:

We currently have quite a bit of infrastructure in terms of documentation. We plan to keep discussion on the Sponge forums for now, but hopefully when the Sponge standard repository is created there will be enough features for discussion there.

A forum to post your own script commands? I love it! When the scripting comes online, that’s definitely a thing we could do

@Falkreon well then thats fantastic! cant wait till this finishes! Also with your homepage I think you should make it like slides, so the header would be slide 1, then your goal slide 2 and each plugin should have its own slide with its description and when you scroll it goes to like the slides, you get what I mean?

Carousels are typically a great way for people to not click on anything, as it turns out! http://shouldiuseacarousel.com/. I’m the main contributor the the static sites, and I don’t think that we need to do anything special, yet. It’s not the best use of our time. I will be adding more to the site eventually, though.

You completely missed the point of the site gratimax linked.

HAHA i get it now but i didnt actually mean carousels well the only part of the idea i have in my head is the sliding part which is related to carousels…

I really like the way the permissions are looking. Although I’m a bit confused about the commands. Will the arguments of commands be parsed automatically into the datatypes requested by the command methods? I’m not entirely sure how it’d decide which overloaded method to pick from based on a String array of arguments.