[Abandoned] 🔑 PermissionManager [v3.0.1] [API 5.X] A simple and easy permission plugin

En théorie, les blocs de commande ont toutes les permissions. Si tu as des problèmes pour les poser au sol, c’est peut-être parce que tu es trop proche du Spawn et ou une des zones de protection de polis t’empêche de le poser. Je vais tester de mon côté, mais je ne crois pas que mon plugin soit en conflit avec les blocs de commande.

Is it possible to change the player names color???

It depends the plugin you are using for the chat. PermissionManager doesn’t handle the chat. YOu have to use EssentialCmds or Nucleus for that.

i have EssentialCmds but i dont want to use /nick [playername] it shuld be a default texture of the player name and maybe change it with the different ranks

texture might be the wrong word to use for some thing in the chat

PermissionManager doesn’t format the chat, maybe you could try this plugin Simple Tags.

Hey Djxy, quick question. Before I updated to 2.0, verzion 1 would allow a player to be in two groups and it would show that they had both. Now with 2.0 it seems I can only have it show one group. example. Someone who is Admin may also be a gym leader. It will only recognize the group that is in ‘slot’ 1. In the config it shows all groups, but not in game chat. Is there a way I could fix this on my end? Hopefully I explained that right xD

Thanks again for your help

With PermissionManager v1.X, you had the possibility to format the chat, but now with v2.X, you have to use an another plugin to format the chat. To format it, you have to use the options. EssentialCmds and Nucleus are using the options prefix and suffix to format the chat. With EssentialCmds, you can add more than one prefix, prefix, prefix2, prefix3, prefix4 and prefix5, but I don’t know if you can with Nucleus.

Okay great! Thank you so much!!! Any update on the enjin plugin fix?

No, I asked to @Favorlock and he said that they(enjin) will update it, but I don’t know when. If there is no update about that next week, I will look to fix it temporary.

Sounds good, really appreciate it!!! Thanks for your help!

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Im also wondering how to set up a rule with redprotect limiting the number of claim blocks a certain rank can have. i tried just giving the perm “redprotect.limit.7500” like how it is set up with pex, but not sure how to config it with yours. Sorry to keep bugging you, thanks for all your help!

In the config of RedProtect, I see redprotect.limit.claim.unlimited and redprotect.limit.blocks.unlimited. Maybe you should change the unlimited for 7500.

Yea i dont know what im doing it wrong, I have that done, and nothing changes. I cant tell if it acts like another permission or if it needs to be set as an rule/option

This is a permission. A rule is a system that I created for PermissionManager. You should ask to @FabioZumbi12 how to use it.

Okay thanks very much!!! appreciate it!

If you are not using unlimited permissions, you need to declare the limit permissions on redprotect configs.

Like this image:

Add the permissions limits you want to give to your players in this section and then give to your players.
RedProtect will use the number on the end of permission to calculate the player limit.

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Thanks you so much! i didn’t realize that you actually had to add it in the config as well as the group manager. Really appreciate both of you for your help!

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I am working with the latest spongeforge dedicated server (2094) and added this mod (PermissionManager) to the mods folder like described here (https://docs.spongepowered.org/master/en/server/management/plugins.html) but FML says its a non-mod file. I am using java 1.8. It also says later that the mods were successfully loaded, but as a admin I can not run any new command.

([20:13:22] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: FML has found a non-mod file permissionManager-2.1.3-API-5.X.jar in your mods directory. It will now be injected into your classpath. This could severe stability issues, it should be removed if possible.)

Can anyone help me, or tell me what to do, to get more information?

I guess it may not be a prob of his plugin, I guess I did config anything wrong, but can anyone help me anyway?


Do you have the Sponge jar inside the mods folder?

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