[Abandoned] 🔑 PermissionManager [v3.0.1] [API 5.X] A simple and easy permission plugin


I think we’re just going to restart completely, the server owner copied some stuff over when he was transferring things that he should not have, he’s giving me information I didn’t have prior and i’m 100% it’s because of that.


Let me know of it still bug.


No bug, we got it sorted, sorry about that!


How to set different rules in another group ?
i don’t understand wiki because i have many group.

Mini Example :
Member(Default:true) rules 1 value 1 : 10
VIP group:Member rules 1 value 1 : 20

How to set from mini example in group of permissionmanager ?


You just have to set the rule in the other group, but what do you mean by different rules?



Group member
rules adventuremmo: mining : 20
Group VIP
rules adventuremmo: mining : 30

This example is different rules.


yes, but it would be this.

                mining: 20


I have many group. I don’t have one group.
in wiki for one group.


One file is one group, so it’s the same for every group.


ok. I am try. thank you.


PermissionManager 2.5.0 - GriefPrevention supported

  • English
    • Now works with GriefPrevention.
    • New command. /pm load users Load all the users online.
    • When a world saved, the users, the groups, default subject and the promotions are saved.
    • Now support the wildcard permissions like this permissionmanager equals permissionmanager.*.
  • Français
    • Maintenant fonctionne avec GriefPrevention.
    • Nouvelle commande: /pm load users Charge tous les utilisateurs en ligne.
    • Quand un monde s’enregistre, les utilisateurs, les groupes, les promotions et le sujet par défaut sont enregistrés,
    • Maintenant supporte les permissions générales dans ce style: permissionmanager égale permissionmanager.*

I created a discord channel if you need help https://discord.gg/GqSwu52.

Important to read default subject section

Important de lire la section Sujet par défaut



Salut, je voulais savoir si c’est possible d’éditer les yml avec Notepad ? Car quand j’essyaye ça me met que des erreur et rien marche (je serais bien passer par le site mais celui-ci refuse d’ouvrir les yml :expressionless:)


Moi j’utilise NotePad++


Ah ok c’est bon c’est réglé (j’avais mal écris merci yaml x))
Mais peux-tu me dire s’il te plaît si j’ai fais une erreur sur les règles de mes régions car ma règle ne marche pas mais il y a plus d’erreur de ce que mets yaml :confused: http://pastebin.com/gxR8GD86


Essaye sa http://pastebin.com/JdqNdQ77

EDIT: La ligne 74 manque un espace. Elle n’est pas égale aux autres.


Hello, I really like this plugin and think it’s very useful. I’m curious if you would ever consider adding SQL support so that players can have consistent ranks over multiple servers. Thanks for your time.


Yes, you are not the first one to request it. I will look to add this feature.


PermissionManager 2.5.1

  • English
    • Fixed a bug with the default group.
  • Français
    • Fix d’un bug avec le groupe par défaut.



Using PermissionManager 2.5.1 API 5

I’m using the permission “- -pixelmon.command.breed” to deny the breed command but it isn’t working, the group still have acess to it.

Also every other permission that I tried to deny isn’t “denied”.
For example “- -foxguard.” or “- -edifice.” (they both have * after)


Try to deny it with the command.