[Abandoned] 🔑 PermissionManager [v3.0.1] [API 5.X] A simple and easy permission plugin


/pm user username_here set option home-count 3 will set the limit to 3.


What about groups would a group name be at “user_name”?


/pm group group_name... if you have a group named Admin, change group_name to Admin.


i did as you said. does anyone else has this problem? the fml-server log now has reached 1GB.


Yes, it is a bug with the logs. I have to fix that.


I tried starting PermissionManager on API 6. and it kinda works. I did /sponge plugins permissionmanager And it gave me some info about the plugin, but the commands does not work. It will say Unknown command. Try /help for a list of commands.


Alors, j’ai un problème assez étrange mais peu importe la version de SPONGE quand je lance mon serveur avec permissionmanager ou n’importe quel autre plugin de permission tout se lance correctement mais les dossier avec groups et users ne se crée pas, je ne sais pas si les ajouter manuellement pourrai régler le problème.


Si tu utilise la version 3.x c’est normal.


No more GUI? /PM just says no such command.


I haven’t updated the GUI yet.


So it is making a comeback? Loved that about the old version. Made this my go to perms plugin!


I will update it, but I don’t when.


Any news about this? This bug is a bit annoying because it’s eating a lot of space on my ssd…


I haven’t found why, but could you please provide me your file/command you are using to start your server?


sure if that helps you. just let me know if you need further information.

“C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_121\bin\java.exe” -Xmx4G -Xms1G -jar forge-1.11.2-
echo “restarting server in 30seconds”
goto restart
pause >nul


I too am having the same issue you are. It is generating at least 100 lines of text PER second, making my fml-server-latest.log huge.

This is a very serious bug, I may have to switch until the problem is fixed.


As the Dev doesn’t seem to have any plans in fixing this issue, is there a good alternative Permissions plugin for 1.11.2 / SpongeForge 1.11.2-2227-6.0.0 ? I’ts now nearly one month since i mentioned this bug…


Is there a way to edit the groups/users without being in-game? I have console access to our server, and used to be able to see groups and users in separate folders. However, since updating, everything is stored in database.mv.db file, and I cannot find a way to access it. I have to add a lot of permissions to several groups, and it would be easier to just copy and paste, rather than trying to add each individually.


@floomat I’ve been thinking about switching to LuckPerms, the dev’s are more active and it is widely recommended by server owners/ admins.


Yep, most peeps that are in 1.10.2 and above are using LuckPerms. I could not … as the EDU server that we are building needs to run in 1.8.9 to accommodate the 'old ComputerCraftEDU mod. Very happy that this is back in the mix and hoping to add Grief Prevention now! Our server is set to launch on Canada Day (July 1st) and is in celebration of our 150 year birthday (of sorts). Hoping that we see LOTS of participation from teachers and students around the world!
: )